Venturing at the edge of tomorrow

Something big can start from something humble

In the beginning of the last century, MYTILINEOS was a small family-run business with hard-to-find values: Courage, tenacity, insight, consistency, and extroversion.

And a mission to: “Make the good better and the big bigger”.

With the same values, the third generation of the family created a company of global reach.

Since 1908, the name MYTILINEOS has defined who we are as a company. It provided the impetus to transcend borders, to embrace evolution, to forge our global footprint.

Our journey has been one of resilience, collaboration and the relentless pursuit of excellence. During this process, we were always re-examining our course, reinventing ourselves.

In an ever-changing world, change is our only constant. It’s the only way to remain in the front line of the energy transition. Envision how you want to be in the following years. Unlock value. And what seemed to be impossible, becomes possible.

METLEN (ex. MYTILINEOS) unlocks value

This is METLEN

Our new name METLEN, encapsulates our essence and reflects our roots.

It comes as the almost natural evolution and the culmination of the course of a company that has been growing for a century and dares to break new ground.

Each of the new name’s letters is a reminder of how much we have accomplished and how we made it where we are today.

It fundamentally captures the meaning of synergy in all its dynamic range, the two interconnected sectors of Energy and Metallurgy.

metlen white logo

Our new visual identity

We combined the primary source of our earth’s energy - the sun - with the visual metaphor of a pulsar, a rotating neutron star that emits beams of energy from its poles.

Our new symbol is a twin star composed of many separate elements that come together to work harmoniously, with the ability to move dynamically when needed.

As we do.

It symbolizes the flexibility, adaptability and evolution but also the energy of our people.

The clear, contemporary typeface, and the reassuringly familiar colour palette, result in a visual identity fit for our pioneering future - bold and responsible, smart and curious.