30 APR 2024

In commercial operation the 200MW power plant for Irish ESB

MYTILINEOS, in Consortium with GE Vernova completed the construction of the new gas-fired Temporary Emergency Generation (TEG) power plant in Dublin, Ireland within the existing North Wall plant, on behalf of ESB the Irish Semi state power utility.

The relevant contract was signed at the end of 2022 and the works were completed on fast track – as it had been set – and on schedule, despite the challenging situation at international level.

The new power plant, already in commercial operation since December 2023, operates as a backup plant, with 6 GE gas turbines, technology LM2500XPRESS, which provide a combined capacity of up to about 200MW to meet electricity demand and to ensure security of electricity supply in the country.

GE and MYTILINEOS already provide Operation and Maintenance (O&M) services for the plant. The plant is operated in accordance with local regulations and local strict environmental restrictions, as they result from the plant’s license.

This project highlights MYTILINEOS ability, through M Power Projects, to provide integrated services that are not only limited to the plant’s design and construction, but also extend to the plant’s operation and maintenance.

Kostas Horinos, Executive Director, M Power Projects MYTILINEOS, stated: “We are particularly proud to have managed to complete the North Wall plant in such a short period and with high quality requirements. We continue our operation and maintenance services, having high expertise both in MYTILINEOS assets and for third parties assets, of similar or greater power.”

The 200 MW of temporary emergency generation at North Wall will not be available to the open electricity marketplace; instead, it will only be operated in the case of a shortage of capacity.  The power plant is capable of reaching full production capacity within 15 minutes, ensuring a rapid response to any security of electricity supply event.